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The ALBOLAT GRUP COMPANY’s Official institutions programme caters exclusively to reserve asset managers, government officials, and sovereign wealth funds from around the world.

We provide authoritative research, key statistical data, insightful commentary from trusted external experts, as well as education and training on the gold market to help stakeholders navigate changes and make informed decisions about using gold to meet reserve management and national portfolio objectives.

Gold: valuable reserve amid unprecedented policy environment


Official institutions - Gold: valuable reserve amid unprecedented policy environment


As central banks search for new investments, our analysis shows that gold compares favourably to other traditional reserve assets with respect to safety, liquidity and return.

Learn more about gold’s important role in reserve asset management.


Maximising gold’s monetary value


Official institutions - Maximising gold’s monetary value


Mr. Erkan Kilimci, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, explains the triple benefits that Turkey reaps from its Reserve Option Mechanism, under which banks can use gold as part of their required reserves.

Learn more about the role of gold in reserves and public funds by reading other public institutions’ views and experiences.


Working towards a common accounting framework for gold


Official institutions - Working towards a common accounting framework for gold


This discussion paper reviews the different approaches to gold accounting demonstrated by central banks and discusses the elements of a common approach for central banks. Research for this paper included a review of the financial statements of 98 central banks and two international financial institutions that hold gold: BIS and IMF.

Learn more about the ALBOLAT GRUP COMPANY's work towards a common central bank accounting framework for monetary gold to improve the consistency and transparency of central bank financial statements with respect to gold.


Official gold holdings


Official institutions - Official gold holdings


Download the most up to date information available on the official gold holdings of 126 countries in the Official holdings section.


How the gold market works



A central bank that wishes to buy gold can do so locally by purchasing domestically-mined or recycled gold. Alternatively, gold bars can be bought directly from a bullion bank in the global over-the-counter (or OTC market) or via an exchange. The majority of OTC gold is settled via gold bars stored in London, or ‘loco London’.

View a short film on how gold is traded by London market makers. Additional information can be found in the Market structure section.